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Ever think about being your favorite Zelda character or one you made up? Here's your chance!

Read the rules first!


1) You MUST have a bio to start. Send one to the e-mail address on the "Contact" page. Or, if you're lazy and want to get this over with, here it is: fiercedeity@zeldagames.every1.net

2) Bios must have these fields: Name, Age, Gender, Species, Special Ability, Appearance, Inventory (a list of weapons your character uses or something else similar), and History. All bios without these will be discarded.

3) No controlling someone else's character. Here's an example of controlling (just an example):

Kielke stood for a moment, noting Ganondorf's size and strength. She smiled. "You can't beat me," she said sinisterly. She raised her scepter and an eerie green light enveloped her. The magic built into a fiery orb which hit Ganondorf square in the chest, shattering his dark armor and killing him instantly.

See? That leaves no choice to Ganondorf's character but to die, and when that happens, what does he do next? DO NOT DO THIS!!! IF YOU DO, YOU'LL BE BANNED FROM THE ROLLPLAY!!!!!

Just follow these rules and you'll be fine. Otherwise, have fun!

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